Adult & Adolescent Psychiatry

Diagnosis & Treatment of All Psychiatric Conditions • Medication Management • Psychotherapy

Dr. Figueroa’s care philosophy reflects his deep understanding of the interplay between biological, sociological, and psychological factors that influence people’s lives. His patients can expect confidentiality, respect, and sensitivity to their personal history, culture, environment, and uniqueness.

After an initial assessment and diagnosis, Dr. Figueroa applies a comprehensive medical, pharmacological, and psychological approach to treatment. He is dedicated to the art of active listening and proactive communication.

Dr. Figueroa’s office is located near Flagstaff Medical Center, where he is an active medical staff member.

Call Jessica Avelar, our Office Manager, at (928) 773-0010 to schedule an appointment or to discuss any insurance and billing questions you may have.

Office of Dr. Figueroa